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Bloom emul and R-project

Jan 27, 2014 at 1:19 PM
Hi all,

first of all, a big thanks to Jordan for your work. I tested your emul on my linux machine using wine. I have been then able to run in console mode Examples.exe.
Now comes the trickiest part. All my web app will be written using R language for many reasons. The community is very active, there are tons of very good package to compute data, and R is able to talk to python, Java, Latex and much more modules and is cross platform.
I will certainly use this porject or the other one to retrieve data from bloom and then compute or store in a DB.
After a long and still ongoing discussion in r-sig-finance mailing list, it seems some people are interested to gather everything and create a solid project.
In that case, Jordan, would you have time and interest in joining ? Are some people around interested too ?